Do you have to be a Christian to participate in Y programs?
While the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in London, England in 1844 as a bible study for young men, today the Y is open to all people. Prayer and religious study are no longer a part of YMCA programs.

Is the YMCA a charitable organization?
Yes, the YMCA of North Rock County is a non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS with a 501(c)3 charitable designation. All donations made to the YMCA of North Rock County are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

How can I join the Y?
The YMCA of Northern Rock County is a membership organization. For more information visit the Welcome Desk, or call us today at 608-754-9622!

What is the Bad Weather Policy - The YMCA goal is to avoid canceling any of our programs or classes due to weather. However, if classes need to be canceled, we will try to reschedule if time permits. WCLO/WJVL will be contacted if games or classes are canceled. Cancellation of evening classes will not be decided upon until 4 pm that day.

What programs does the YMCA offer?
The YMCA of Northern Rock County offers a wide variety of programs, including Child Care, Aquatics, Youth Sports, Day Camp, Health & Fitness, Youth & Teen Fitness, Active Older Adults, and Volunteers. Please check out program and services information available on this web site, or contact us.

I want to work at the Y. How do I find out about employment opportunities?
The YMCA is always interested in motivated, community service oriented people who want to work as part of a dynamic team. Please visit the Employment Opportunity page or contact the YMCA for information.

May I volunteer my time to help the YMCA serve the community?
Absolutely! Volunteering is an important part of the energy and excellence of the YMCA. YMCA volunteers work at the Y, they serve on committees, and some lead as members of the Board of Directors. We are flexible to include your skills and interests in our many volunteer opportunities. To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please call the Y today at 608-754-YMCA (9622).

Does the Y offer financial assistance?
Thanks to the generosity of members, small businesses, corporations and foundations, the YMCA of North Rock County is able to offer financial assistance to keep Y programs affordable for all. The philosophy of the YMCA is not to deny anyone program participation due to financial hardships. Financial assistance is available on a sliding fee scale based upon income and the number of dependents determines the percent of fees paid. Inquire at the Welcome Center or call 608-754-YMCA (9622) for more information.