The Y offers several rental options of various rooms within our facility, subject to availability.

Interested in renting out a part of our facilities? Fill out the inquiry form below. 



Use of facilities require groups and individuals to:

  • The group must remain within the approved rental space during their activity and must only remain in the building for their designated rental time.
  • The group must arrive together at their designated time and will be brought to their approved rental space. In addition, the group will exit the building together through the JP Cullen Gym stairway. The Release and Risk Waivers will be collected for each group member before entering.
  • Groups will not have use of the locker rooms so be sure to come appropriately dressed before and after your activity.
  • Bring a labeled water bottle filled with water.

Groups are expected to self-manage their activities in accordance with the rental agreement.

**PLEASE NOTE: Your intended set-up and take-down times also need to be included when calculating your rental costs.