Summer Swim Session: August 3 - August 22

Choose the days you'd like to come! Classes are offered Monday - Thursday or Saturdays.

You can choose 1 day per week or 5 days per week. Sign up for as many classes as you'd like!

Registration starts Wednesday, July 29 and ends the day BEFORE class begins. Each class has a maximum of 4 swimmers. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Only ONE family member is allowed to stay and watch the lesson. All lessons take place in the Aquatic Center at the Janesville Y.



Members: $5 per class 
CP: $9 per class

Class Times:
 Sign up for as many classes as you'd like!

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Pre-Tadpole: 5:00-5:30PM
Pike: 5:35-6:05PM
Polliwog: 6:10-6:50PM                                
Guppy: 6:10-6:50PM                                        


Shrimp Dip: 9:15-9:45AM (max 6)
Pre-Tadpole: 9:50-10:20AM
Tadpole: 9:50-10:20AM
Pike 1: 10:25-10:55AM
Pike 2: 10:25-10:55AM
Eel: 10:25-10:55
Polliwog: 11:00-11:40AM
Guppy: 11:00-11:40AM

Class Descriptions:

Parent/Tot Classes (ages 6 months - 3 years)

Shrimp Dip: We are children ages 6 months to 3 years of age wanting to have fun, exercise, and learn water adjustment. We are with our parent and enjoying that bonding experience. We will have a positive learning experience while being introduced to basic aquatics safety.

Preschool Classes (ages 3 - 5)

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace. ***Parents are asked to please not get in the water for preschool classes.***

Pre-Tadpoles: I am a true beginner for my age group ages 2 to 3. I will learn water adjustment, blow bubbles, experience floating, and getting my face wet and learn to interact with others in my age group. Maximum of 4 students.

Tadpole: I am a beginner as well but my age group is between 3 to 5 years old. I will also learn water adjustment, blow bubbles, experience floating, and get my face wet. In addition, I will learn to interact with others. Maximum of 4 students.

Pike: I am a swimmer comfortable with getting my face wet and floating with assistance. I am ready to swim a little on my own with or without assistance.
Maximum of 4 students.

Eel: I am an intermediate swimmer. I can swim and float on my front and back on my own. I will practice my breathing techniques, coordination, and build my confidence throughout with encouragement from my swim instructors. Maximum of 4 students.


School Age Swim Lessons (ages 6 - 12)

Polliwog: I am a beginner swimmer and do not know how to swim on my own. I will learn water adjustment, floating, safety skills and introduction to back and front crawl. Maximum of 4 students.

Guppy: I am an advanced beginner. I can already float on my front and back and swim a few yards of front crawl. I will learn rotary breathing, back crawl, and build my confidence. Maximum of 4 students.

Minnow: I am an intermediate swimmer. I can swim the front crawl the width of the pool with rotary breathing. I will be introduced to the breaststroke, practice water safety skills, and improve my endurance. Maximum of 4 students.


Private Swim Lessons

The YMCA offers one-on-one private swim lessons with an experienced swim instructor to get you swimming the way you want! Available for all ages and open to everyone from beginners to advanced swimmers. 

Lessons are 30 minutes long and scheduled at your convenience. Limit 3 students per lesson. To request a lesson, please fill out the private lesson request form.

Member: $20/per lesson
Non-Member: $35/per lesson 


To register, please call us at (608) 754-9622.


If you have questions, or want to schedule a private lesson, please contact Celeste Furman at or (608) 754-9622 ext. 104.