We know at this time it is hard to find child care while you are in the frontline of work. The YMCA of Northern Rock County would like to offer emergency childcare for frontline workers, essential workers or ANYONE that needs to work during this time. This will include children of health care workers, government employees and all essential employees directly related to the COVID-19 VIRUS pandemic.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Melody Beets at mbeets@ymcajanesville.org or (608) 868-9622 ext. 105. Financial Assistance is available.

LOCATION:  Milton only at this time. Will open up the Janesville location if there is a need.

Children 6 weeks - 12 years of age
Minimum of 25 kids, Max 50.


$5/hour with a 4 hour minimum

Emergency Child Care Flyer

Emergency Child Care Health Check


1.    Who can participate?

Anyone in our community that are designated as an Essential Worker or needs to work during the #saferathome order.

2.     What ages will be served? 

Ages 6 weeks old through 12 years old

3.     What will the group sizes be?

In accordance with Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services, we will not exceed ratios of 1:4 for children ages Birth-2, 1:8 for children ages 2-3, 1:10 for children ages 3-4 and 1:13 for children age 4-5.  In addition, we will be using mixed groups of ages so we able to group children: with siblings, by parent’s place of work, etc.  This is with the intention decrease exposure.

4.     What do we do at drop-off and pick-up?

  • At drop-off a designated staff member will perform a health check on each child and parent/guardian.  Our staff will take your child to the designated areas for care. 
  • Each child will need to be signed-in/out on the daily attendance sheet providing signature and time of drop-off/pick-up.
  • At pick-up a photo ID will be required to confirm permission to pick-up based on the authorized pick-ups listed on the registration form.

5.     How do I pay for care?

  • At the end of each week you will be e-mailed an invoice, based on hours used within the week.  This will need to be paid through our Square account prior to Monday in order to continue using services.

6.     What will I need to bring?

  • Infant and Toddlers: diapers, wipes, at least 2 pairs of extra clothes, crib bedding, and premixed bottles. Make sure all items are labeled.
  • Preschoolers: pull-ups, at least 2 pairs of extra clothes (including underwear and socks, bedding for nap. Make sure all items are labeled.
  • School-Age: at least 1 extra change of clothes. Make sure all items are labeled.
  • All bedding will need to be taken home & washed daily and returned the next day.
  • Please leave all toys and electronics at home.

7.    Will caregivers give prescribed medication to my child?

There will be a certified staff member in Med Administration onsite at all times. All medications (inhalers and/or epi-pens) will require a signed Med Administration form signed by parent/guardian.

8.     Will meals be provided?

YES, we are partnering with Janesville School District to provide Breakfast, Am Snack, Lunch, and PM Snack.

9.     How will the YMCA maintain cleanliness of the facility?

  • We will ensure proper hand washing of at least 20 seconds before eating and after eating, after using the bathroom, after blowing nose or cough and at multiple points throughout the day.
  • Our daily literary has scheduled break every hour for cleaning surfaces and hand washing for our staff.
  • We provide disinfectants and sanitizers throughout our facilities.
  • Nightly cleaning crews will deep clean throughout spaces children are using.

10. What does a daily schedule look like?

Activities may include but not limited to the following: Gross motor, music & movement, story time, arts and crafts, free-choice.  In addition, our school age children will be provide assistance with virtual learning, so please bring devices (we have WIFI).